White Papers

Our goals at Indy Music Sales are pretty simple: to help independent musicians become successful by building their fan base and increasing their profits.

In today's complex entertainment industry, being an "indie" is challenging. Without a big sponsor in the form of a major label, your get to handle everything. There's a lot to it, and our hosted software applications are designed to maximize your e-commerce capability in the most efficient way possible.

There's lots of e-commerce solutions to choose from, but none are designed with you in mind. The problem is that you’re left either having to do it all yourself (which requires being tech savvy, supporting your own web site, managing your on-line store, etc.) OR you turn it all over to the big guys and give up 30-50%!

The IMS app is designed to give you a tool set to make it easy, while improving the shopping experience for your dedicated fans, and improving your profits.

The following White Papers are designed to help you map out the range of tasks and requirements to effectively master the business side of your indie music effort.